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Musu Bangura

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Welcome to the world of MusuWrites, where every story is a tapestry woven from the vibrant threads of dual heritage. “Musu,” meaning “First Daughter,” reflects a lineage rooted in the rich soils of Sierra Leone, West Africa, as brought to life by my parents. Yet, my narrative is equally painted with the backyard suburbs of Washington DC, where I was nurtured. Bridging these two realms has endowed me with a voice that knows just when to speak, and what words will resonate.

From the earliest days, the allure of storytelling beckoned, often drawing me away from childhood games to a quiet corner with pen and paper. There, I breathed life into characters and danced with ideas, my young mind already pulsing with the rhythms of prose. Today, as an author, my craft is a conduit for vital narratives, delivered through the art of creative writing to an audience craving authenticity and diversity.

Anticipation builds for my debut novel, “The Mango Tree Shade,” a narrative ripe with the essence of my journey. Meanwhile, my commitment extends beyond the pages, advocating for women’s health and shining a light on the shadows of Intimate Partner Violence. The stories I pen are a reflection of the lived experiences that resonate within my community and beyond.

Join me in this literary journey, and together let’s explore the power of stories to change hearts, minds, and maybe even the world.

Embrace the Power of Storytelling

Dive deep into a world where characters are as flawed and splendid as the reality that shapes them. Through MusuWrites, experience tales that resonate with the heartbeats of the human experience—struggles, victories, lessons, and the humbling journey of starting anew.

A Portal to Inspiration

My craft is driven by the emotions that pulse through the veins of life itself. Each story I tell is a reflection, a morsel of life, whether it springs from the depths of my soul or the observations of the world around us. As we traverse through the digital era, the essence of reading remains timeless—a beacon that guides us through the ebbs and flows of life.

Discover the Stories Within You

Everyone's life is a unique narrative waiting to be told. Join me in celebrating the diversity of voices that echo around us. The act of sharing and embracing others' stories fuels our collective passion for writing and storytelling.


Dive into the world crafted by Musu Bangura, where each story is a journey in itself. From the warmth of short stories to the rich landscapes of novels, and the authentic voice found in blog posts, Musu's writing is a portal to experiences that both entertain and challenge the mind. Join her in exploring narratives that are not just read but felt, leaving a lasting impression on your thoughts and heart.


Musu Bangura brings a unique blend of creativity and insight to the realm of copywriting. Her journey in writing is a collaborative symphony with the voices of diverse creatives she meets. Ready to bring your story to life or give your brand a voice that resonates? Musu offers personalized writing services that capture your essence and speak directly to your audience. Connect with her to transform your ideas into narratives that engage and inspire.


As a motivational speaker, Musu Bangura captivates and uplifts her audience, especially women, with stories of resilience, healing, and empowerment. Her talks are a blend of personal insights, professional wisdom, and interactive engagement, making every session a transformative experience. From overcoming adversity to finding your true self, Musu's speeches are a journey towards self-discovery and strength. Book Musu for your next event and inspire your audience to embrace life's challenges with courage and grace.


Experience a true escape into a land of characters that have messed up, triumphed, learned and sometimes messed up all over again! I love writing stories about what I’ve felt, seen and heard. Stories that inspire, encourage and fulfill is what I love to do. Reading is something that will never just “go away”, no matter how digitized the world becomes.

Everyone has a story to share, and I believe that reading stories of others only makes that motivation to write even stronger. What I enjoy the most about my writing journey is coming across other creatives, learning about their “why” and the impact they want to make on the world.

There’s nothing more powerful than one’s story, and I definitely have a few of my own to share. Whether its in a short story, my upcoming novel, or a simple blog post, I am here to give you something to read and enjoy!

Let’s connect on my MusuWrites newsletter, where it doesn’t get any more genuine. I’m not a big social media person, so if you want to know what I’m up to and what I’m working on, the newsletter is the place to be