Musu Bangura

I am a unique combination of two distinct cultures. My name means “First Daughter” and my parents hail from Sierra Leone, West Africa. Even though I have strong African roots, I was born and raised in Prince Georges County Maryland, so I learned at an early age how to exist in two completely different worlds at the same time. This means I learned how to say what needed to be said, to who and when!

My passion for writing has always stirred in me for as long as I can remember. Many days consisted of skipping out on playing outside with the neighborhood kids; instead, I sat on the floor of my bedroom creating characters on paper and scribbling my thoughts on the latest news story. Now as an author, I use creative writing to get important messages across to my audience in diverse ways.

The Next Time I Leave…A Story about Intimate Partner Violence is my first book as a published author and has received positive attention from many reviewers on a local and national scale. I currently live in my original stomping grounds in Maryland where I’m growing and managing my freelance writing business.