A Win For Sexual Abuse Survivors

Recently, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan signed into law House Bill 642, which will allow victims of child sex abuse more time to file a law suit against their victim. Under current law, victims only had until age 25. They now have up to age 38 to file the suit.

The new bill is set to go into affect October 1st and a huge portion of credit must go to Delegate C.T. Wilson. He has been fighting for this law to come to pass for years, only to be overlooked or ignored by the powers that be. It’s interesting how this new law is finally coming into play one year after my one on one interview with Delegate Wilson. It was a very interesting conversation, as we discussed his book, 10,000 Hills: One Boy’s Journey, and his fight for abuse victims and foster children who’ve become lost in the system.

Delegate Wilson’s story is a compelling one and speaks of unbelievable survival. Listen to our conversation below and let me know your thoughts: