How to Stay Alive in a Graveyard


There was a point in time where I worked amongst people who were three times my age. I barely related to anything they talked about. There was no one to chat with about Generation X topics, instead, I heard endless rants on retirement, menopause, crappy management, and grown children who refused to move out.

Oh and really bad grandkids.

Some days were a lot better than others. It really became a struggle after a while because I had to reset my mind once I left for the day, then prepare myself to ignore and overcome the rants for the following day. But this became more and more difficult to do and I realized if I wasn’t leaving that environment right away then I needed to make some immediate changes in order to survive the toxic environment.

It had to start with me.

I realized there was absolutely nothing I could do about the environment itself. It was me who had to make changes and go from there. It was a lot easier said than done, and I learned to apply these principles to more than one situation.

Know who you are.

Do you know who you are? What is your purpose and where are you headed? If you don’t have the answers to these questions, then it’s time to start digging and finding those answers right away. This ties into spiritual foundation,

Make a plan.

When I was stuck in that environment surrounded by people who were satisfied with where they were at, I was determined not to become one of them. After years of rejection, stagnancy or just laziness, they had grown content with their current situation and sat around waiting for things to come to them.

Not me.

I knew what I wanted, so I started drawing out a map as to how I would get there. I highlighted what needed to be done on my part in order to make things happen. This included educating myself on certain topics, gaining skills and experience in certain areas and networking to display my talents and what I had to offer. It became frustrating at times because it took longer than I thought, then along the way, I hit some disappointments and setbacks. After gathering myself, I knew I had to keep going and learn from the mistakes. Before it was too long, things started happening, or connecting, for the better.

Focus on what matters.

Is this place you’re currently at your end point destination? Remember, things may not be going the way they need to be going, but know it is not the final destination. You’re just passing through. Do not get caught up in the here and now because again, it’s not the final point.

The dead of winter can be horrible. There’s no sign of life and the coldness chills your bones, but just know that spring is right around the corner. Don’t let the cold consume you.


Where are you trying to go? Do you know how to get there?

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