10 Healthy Ways to Make Your Mind Catch Up With Your Body

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Transition…it definitely has its ups, downs and awkward
moments. Your body is in one place but your mind is somewhere else. This is
especially true when you have a certain start in life such as a new job or a
new home, making adjustment a challenge. A lot of the times your mind is in a
place it has no business being, especially if its dwelling in the past for all
the wrong reasons. Learn how to bring your mind and body into the same place of
progress and peace. Read on for some tips to take for that journey.

Mediation is very healthy and powerful for the mind. If
you’re not in a place where you want to be, define where exactly it is you’d
like to be. After taking that step, take your mind there. Envision yourself in
that better relationship or place of happiness. Don’t mix this up with
daydreaming though. Condition your mind to be in a healthier place by
meditating on the future.
Stop comparing
A lot of the times when we come out of a bad situation and
enter a good one, a lot of comparing goes on. “Well at my old job we did this”
or “my ex used to always say that”. Even if we don’t wonder out loud, we’re
constantly comparing scenarios and situations. This doesn’t help transition to
a healthy state of mind, especially if you’re in a better place now. Dwelling
on how things used to be or should be will only damage you in your new
surroundings.  Give the new environment a
Think Future
An effective way to bring your mind and body together is to
plan for the future. Take a moment to write down what you want for the future.
Try to go from a broad/general plan to a specific strategy that will get you
where you want to go. As someone once said, the best way to predict the future
is to create it. You’re a creator, a beginner. Make your own path and decide
what you want and how you will get there. So many visions come and go in one’s
life and you’re no exception.  Looking at
the future is one thing every aspect can agree on; your mind body AND soul.



Engage the Present
What’s going on with you right now? What’s happening at the
moment? If it’s something unpleasant, of course your mind will try to escape to
a better place, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But when your mind comes
back to the present reality you may not be ready to deal with that. If you’re
in an unpleasant situation and are working to get out of it, embrace whatever
emotions you’re experiencing. Don’t cover them up or pretend like they’re not
there. Especially since emotions are only for that moment. They come and go as
they please. It’s okay to get fearful or angry about something. Realize that
but don’t dwell on such emotions. That can be more toxic than anything.
Get Busy
Letting your mind wander can be the most dangerous
occurrence. It often leads to trouble and is unproductive. To counter that, get
involved in something. Do an activity that will be challenging for your mind
and help you deal with your present situation. There are so many things to
engage your mind such as enrolling in a class, reading a book, volunteering at
a local shelter or finding a local group to meet with via social media. You can
also join book clubs or start a blog. There is plenty to do that will help keep
your mind grounded and challenged.
Don’t just exercise your mind, but busy your body as well. Why?
Because physical  exercise engages your
mind in a good way. It’s a great way to let off steam, and it doesn’t take too
much out of you. Again, you can go at your own pace. Going for a stroll during
lunch break or hitting the treadmill for 45 minutes after work will do wonders
for both the mind and body. You can release negative energy this way so that
it’s not building up inside of you, causing distraction.
Let it go
A lot of the times, the heaviness that’s dragging us in our
progress is our unwillingness to let go of things that have already happened.
Those occurrences are things that can slow your mind down and make less
productive. When that happens, it’s much difficult to adjust in a new setting,
including a happier situation. That’s why some people are seen as not wanting
to be happy, because they refuse to let go of past hurt. Instead, they like to
dwell on the past and have negative effects on others in their present situation.
Not only is it unfair to innocent bystanders, it can destroy the present
environment that was meant to be healthier and progressive for everyone.
Put negativity in check
A lot of the times when you’re adjusting to a newer and
better situation, the naysayers come around to tear down any healthy thoughts
and attitudes you may have. They do this for several reasons, one being they’re
not happy with their present situation and want you to feel the same way they
feel. Feeding into this selfish destructive behavior will definitely have a
negative effect on you in your new surroundings, especially if you’ve just come
out of a traumatic situation. If you want to save your healthy state of being,
the negative people need to be removed from the situation. Their negative vibes
WILL affect you, your thought process and your adjustment, no matter how strong
you think you are. Stop them in their tracks as soon as possible, or else they
will get comfortable and keep throwing negativity your way.
Take time
Our minds are constantly at work so a lot of the times; we
don’t realize they need a break. That’s why it’s hard to get good sleep at
night or concentrate at work. The mind hasn’t had a chance to detox and adjust
accordingly. Take time to do nothing. That’s right; make time for something
that won’t cause your mind to work so hard. This goes back to meditation and
relaxation; put on some music that will put you in a good mood or watch a silly
movie that will bring good feelings.
Get curious
You’re used to doing certain things. You have patterns and
routines you’ve become accustomed to.
Break them every now and then.


Do an activity or search for something you wouldn’t normally
do.This could  mean learning about a new
religion or philosophy to apply to your life. Attend an even that you’re not
familiar with or normally wouldn’t attend. This will be very refreshing for
your mind and may help break unhealthy cycles that keep you stuck in certain
time frames.  Fresh exposure to different
outlets will help unify your mind and body on a healthy level.
What methods have you used to break your mind out of the past?