A Freelance Newbie at Work

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I know, I know – it’s been a minute since I posted on this particular blog. Some of you are aware of the fact that I have a couple of things going on, such as my blog at WordPress and my site on Hub Pages. That’s where I’ve been the most active these past few months in addition to other projects I’m working on.

To be honest, I’ve also been trying to decide whether or not to keep this particular blog going. I still get visits but I’m still trying to decide which will be a stronger platform for the projects I want to introduce. For now, I’ve decided to keep posting here and am working on certain topics that are a true passion for me. Keep in mind, the New3Creation message is still active; INSPIRATION, VISION AND ABILITY. I use it everyday with every encounter I have with someone and it has opened doors of all sorts! I’m very excited to be sharing this information with you in upcoming posts!

Building relationships
I’ve learned a lot in the past 7 months since I started becoming active online. I’ve attended meetings, done book reviews, met authors…all have resulted in special relationships for the purpose of my growth as a person and a writer. Fortunately, I’ve received great advice and assistance from those who are more than willing to help newcomers out. But I had to take that step and get out there first. I couldn’t just sit, write and expect everything to happen overnight. There’s been a lot of working and cultivating and I look forward to doing even more of that in the months ahead.

Because I’ve learned so much in these relationships, I’m working on putting something together to help those on the come up in the blogging world. Generally, I’m kind of skeptical when it comes to social media so it’s been a definite work in progress as far as getting comfortable with the online world and its way of doing things. That anxiety has been eased a lot because of the plan/vision I have and the people who are helping me along the way. Because of this, I have the responsibility of paying it forward!

Progress report

In the meantime, please feel free to stop by the other sites to see what I’ve been up to:

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New3Creations on WordPress

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Me at Hub Pages

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I will be making updates here soon, so stay tuned! Thanks for stopping by!