Why I Gave Up My Gym Membership

Nothing against gyms; I’ve seen miracles take pace there.
But from my own journey I’ve learned they are not for me. There are so many
options available for fitness that I finally let go of my membership year ago.
Mind you I had the membership for 4 years, and only used the gym about 10
The Money
I threw money away for 3 years. So wreckless of me! I
figured at some point I would just be motivated enough to go to the gym. I even
started going before work in the a.m., but that wore off pretty quickly. Then I
was too tired to go after work, and the weekends weren’t any easier. As time
passed by, I would use the trails in my neighborhood to get workout. Plus I had
a dog, so I would just multi-task with him and my fitness.
Resources right in front of my face
There were great biking and jogging trails in my
neighborhood, so I started making use of those and it felt great to be out in
the open…until it started to get cold. Since I’m not a morning person, I was
not going to get up early and go to the gym in the cold – it just wasn’t going
to happen. Then I realized one day that I could sneak in some movement at work.
I worked in a huge building that was at least ½ mile when you walked an entire
floor once, so I started doing that in the morning and the afternoon. At home,
I started doing sit ups, push ups and crunches in between programs I was
watching on tv, so that helped too and I started seeing results. Then I
discovered one of the best
neighborhood assets
of all time – the 6 mile bridge with a biker and
walking trail. It’s awesome and is available any time of day. This felt great –
especially because I wasn’t spending extra money!
Rec centers are cool
At least the ones in my neighborhood are. When I started
gaining an interest in Pilates and zumba I checked into it at the gym when I
still had my membership. I found out that you had to pay extra to attend those
classes. I thought that was unfair since I was already paying something every
month. Why didn’t the fee cover classes? Anyway, I started to take advantage of
classes at the rec center. They offered the option of paying as you go or
paying for the package at once. Since I was still building up my discipline I
paid as I went. The most I paid was $7 per class, which was about twice a week.
Online resources

Thanks to folks like Josie
at YumYucky
and Rodney Yee, I can get
fresh ideas to create my own workouts at home – for free. If I want to be
social I’ll go to the community center and do some zumba. But for the most part
I can get in a good workout right in my living room.

Do you have your own workout routine? Please feel free to
share! J