My Delicious Berry Smoothie

Here’s my first recipe I’m sharing with everyone! If you
like your smoothies extra thick and creamy, then this is the recipe for you.
Modify to your liking and let me know how it turns out! Okay here we go:

Copyright: New3Creation photos 2014


½ cup frozen berries
1 cup plain greek yogurt*
¼ cup granola
1 ½ tbsp. orange juice
2 tbsp. honey

Pour half the yogurt into the blender
Follow with the orange juice, ½ of granola and
part of frozen fruit
Pour honey and follow with remaining ingredients
Blend for about 45 seconds and do two or three
“pulse” blends
Make sure it’s well blended. You may have to
open the cover and scrap some the yogurt off the sides of the blender cup and
spoon into the mixture. If so, be sure to blend again for a few seconds
Pour out into your favorite cup, garnish with
fresh fruit or mint and enjoy!

Okay, I didn’t garnish with fruit or mint, but it was still good! LOL

For an even more nutritious smoothie, add a cup of kale or spinach to give you a serious boost of energy and cleansing.

*You can also use flavored fruit yogurt. No need to add