Mind Platter: My discussion with Author Najwa Zebian.

SINCEAuthor Najwa Zebian recently discussed her book, Mind Platter with me on La Femme de Prose. To be honest, I hadn’t heard of this young author  and poet before and I’m surprised at that. Najwa has been featured in the Huffington Post and has a sick following on social media, especially Instagram. Why does she have such massive appeal? Because her message is unique yet it identifies with so many people – including myself. Here are some of the things we discussed…

Her book Mind Platter

The name is intriguing enough, but Najwa’s book is a revelation of soul’s deepest struggles, in an attempt to let others know they are not alone. With her writing, Mind Platter also served as a way for her to heal from life’s adversities. Najwa talks about everyday encounters in life, including friendship, self-improvement, love and motivation.


The struggle to find your voice

Najwa had plenty to say about this experience, how she grew up as a shy child and had trouble expressing herself properly. Najwa often resorted to writing which over time, helped her gain confidence in her writing. She encourages everyone to be consistent with writing as it’s a powerful tool in healing and empowerment.

Getting feedback from your audience

The release of Mind Platter expanded Najwa’s platform in ways she didn’t expect it to; she received immediate response from her growing audience. The responses mostly consisted of “thank you” and “you’re telling my story”.

For those who are afraid to speak

“Write”! Najwa strongly advises. One should never stop writing, even if they are afraid to talk about what has happened to them. Mind Platter is an example of one-page entries that simply expresses thoughts and feelings without holding back. She emphasizes that writing is a place where one can be totally free, without worrying about what anyone will think or say. I couldn’t agree with her more.

I don’t want to give too much away. You can hear the rest of the interview below. Let me know what you think – do you agree with Najwa? Is there something we did not discuss but should have?

Go here to purchase Mind Platter.