Our First Writing Workshop


Over the weekend, I had the priveledge of being a part of a local woman’s summit, hosted by Bernadette Brawner of S.H.E.E, Sisters Helping Empower Each Other. Bernadette held her first annual She’s Got a Story to Tell Summit and it was awesome! I had the opportunity to present a mini writing workshop to the beautiful women who attended. I gave a bit of my background story and shared some tips on getting started with story writing. I share a lot of this information in my free guide that folks get when they sign up for the newsletter. I’ve touched on this topic before and I can’t help but reflect on a time when I had zero confidence in my voice. Because of writing, I’ve been able to grow and make valuable connections. Most of all, I’ve been able to encourage people to take those same steps.

Speaking at the "Her Story" Empowerment Summit October 8, 2016
Speaking at the “Her Story” Empowerment Summit October 8, 2016

I also have to point out Asuma, the main character from The Next Time I Leave. She’s in a pool of turmoil trying to escape the abusive marriage she was in. Asuma is totally clueless on who she is but was able to get in touch with her voice and true identity. I could imagine that Asuma sought refuge not only in prayer but in writing out her pain as well. Her thoughts would never be questioned, judged or laughed at; she could say what she struggled to say in person. Find out ore about Asuma and the book here.

Are you trying to tell your story? Have you been meaning to start, but haven’t just yet? Maybe you just want to consider things and think them through before making that move. During the conference, I spoke to a lot of women who were in similar positions. They KNOW they have a story to tell, they’re either scared or dreading the writing process altogether. I advised them the same thing I’m sharing here. It doesn’t have to make sense, it doesn’t have to be laid out in any way shape or form – just write! My free guide shares additional tips that are very important in taking this life changing step because writing your story is definitely a process.

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