The Big Flush: Get Your Mind Body and Soul Renewed the Right Way

After a long and dreary Winter, Spring is finally here and it’s time to do more than the traditional spring cleaning around the house. Your body, mind and soul needs some serious TLC and it’s time to chisel away all that was piled on during the cold months. Try the following and experience a world of difference!

Run Your Mouth

That’s right pick up that phone and chat it up! Ever wonder why you become forgetful or feel like your brain is clouded and you can’t concentrate like you want to? It’s because thoughts are running amuck all over your brain! Talking and socializing actually gives you a healthy boost of positive emotion. Having someone who will listen to you is almost invaluable.  Holding things in can only turn toxic, which can affect you in the long run – something you don’t want to happen.
Even if there’s nothing pestering you, it’s good to get out and socialize – no matter what your personality type may be. Exchanging smiles and words goes a longer way than many of us realize. It’s been found that those that are happier have more conversations with people, versus those that keep to themselves. Relax and unwind every now and then. It will do you some good.

Go for a Walk

There’s nothing more refreshing and empowering for your mind. Getting out and breathing in new air while releasing the old dusty elements from the long, cold season. You’ve been holding a lot of things in. Now as you walk, it will give you a chance to get your thoughts together since they will be released from you. Do not hold onto things you’ve been pining over or have unanswered questions to. Remember that walking literally puts your brain into action. Stretching your limbs and taking in the scenery releases the “feel good” chemical in your brain known as dopamine. Want to know more about what walking can do for you? Go here.

Do a Detox

Just face it. Over the holidays you dumped all kinds of sweets, gravies, cakes and turkey down your trap. Then you sat around and I got caught up on your favorite episodes of someone’s Housewives, Game of Thrones, Shameless, or whatever. Realize that food didn’t really go anywhere. It’s still sitting there in your gut, fermenting and causing all kinds of distress to your body. Caked up intestines not only sounds gross, but can be dangerous to you in the long run.
Give your body a break from having to digest grease and grime all the time. Give it “live” foods that are easy to digest and will give your body the refreshing it desperately needs. Incorporating fruits and veggies into the diet is such a necessity to improve health, especially if you’re looking to drop those holiday pounds. The smoothie craze definitely abounds, but there are some awesome benefits you can take away from it. Smoothies are packed with nutrients your body is crying out for and can give you the energy boost you need to get through the day. With so much information and opinions being out there on smoothies, it can be overwhelming when it comes to finding a good starting point.  Keep it simple; start off by adding spinach or mixed greens to a cup of mixed berries. For a sweet taste, add honey and/or banana. This combination alone is loaded with potassium and antioxidants that will help your body detox and fight disease.

Enjoy a simple smoothie recipe listed here.

Stay tuned for more smoothies from New3Creation!