My Thai Massage Experience

I’m no triathlete, but I do try to exercise regularly. Part of my daily activities include walking, some Pilates, and Zumba. With my busy schedule it can be a challenge to find an outlet of release for my body. Over the past several months I’ve felt extra tired, sleepy and just drained. I decided to […]

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Are You a Workaholic?

I had a serious mishap with a good friend of mine today. They have not been coming through with things they said they would do. After becoming extremely frustrated with them, I asked them if it’s because of the money that causes them to run around working all the time. Surprisingly, they said “no, it’s […]

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Diversity: Bringing Change from Within

What makes you unique? This is a question everyone has a response to. I don’t care how boring you think you may be. There’s something about everyone that stands out, whether it’s your ability to initiate interesting conversation, the way you sign your name or even your taste in shoes. I bring this up in […]

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